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With editors and writers who have a combined fifty plus years of writing/editing experience, Seaside Creative Services can produce a wide variety of books: non-fiction, fiction, children’s books, and study guides. In the writing/editorial process, we can write, ghost write, co-write, coach writers, substantive edit, copyedit, proof, index, and format. In the design process, we can design a cover, write back cover copy, design and typeset the interior of the book. In the production process, we can print the books as Print on Demand products. We can also create ebooks. It is our company policy not to miss deadlines. We know you will be pleased with our work and your edited product or finished book. We look forward to working with you on your projects.


Gwen Ellis is president of Seaside Creative Services, Inc. She has been a professional in the publishing industry for more than thirty-five years, working for four major publishing houses as managing editor, acquisitions editor, director of gift products, and writing for children.

Gwen is a seasoned writer who greatly enjoys the process of co-writing books with authors. As well as being involved in the editorial process in publishing houses, she has written many books for both adults and children. Some of these products have been best-sellers and continue to be after a number of years. She has ghost written four books for other authors.


Wendy Weising has been writing and editing for many years. She is involved in all types of writing and editing both in fiction and non-fiction. She is a meticulous proofreader and has the somewhat rare skill of being able to index a book. She has worked with several publishing companies and individuals. She is currently working on screenplays in her free time. She is passionate about good and honest writing. She will work to make sure that your manuscript is the best it can be.


Our team also includes some of the best editors and designers in publishing who work with us on our projects.


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