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one million sold

1,000,000 Read and Share Products Sold!

Gwen Ellis was recently honored at an event to celebrate 1,000,000 products sold in the Read and Share Bible line. Congratulations, Gwen!


Introducing the brand new Read and Share 5 Minute Bible Stories

Get Ready for Some Big Adventures!

Noah built a big boat, and David took down a giant. Beautiful Queen Esther saved her people. Jesus healed a sick boy and stopped a storm! What will happen next?

Ninety exciting adventures will capture your little ones’ hearts and minds in Read and Share 5-Minute Bible Stories. Perfect for reading aloud in five minutes, these stories from both the Old and New Testaments are told in kid-friendly language. Plus, closing questions and thoughts for discussion help parents guide toddlers’ and preschoolers’ under­standing—and keep them looking forward to the next story time.

In just a few minutes, you can help your precious children discover the wonder of God’s Word!

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We are now offering a special $10.00 price on this new paperback edition of Montana’s Child: A Memoir of Life in Big Sky Country, written by Gwen Ellis. This special introductory offer will last through the month of February.

In this warm-hearted sometimes  hilarious sometimes poignant account, Gwen Ellis relates what it was like to grow up in Montana’s Big Sky country in the 1940s when houses had no electric dryers or dishwashers and many people burned wood and coal to keep warm and to cook. This is the story of self-made Montanans extracting game from the forests to feed their families, growing and preserving huge garden crops to carry them through brutally cold winters. Here you will experience the smell of metal that clung to smelter workers clothes when they returned from their shift each day. You’ll hear the bawl of calves and pounding of horses hooves as cowboys and ranchers care for their herds.  And you’ll see the sky—the magnificent vault of clear blue big sky that seems to go on into eternity. She tells of air so crisp and clean it seems newly-minted. Hike beside her on woodland paths lined with bear grass throwing its huge white plumes into the summer breeze. Relive never-to-be-forgotten camping trips into the Bob Marshall Wilderness. From copper mines strikes that turn ugly to a major riot at the Montana State Prison located just blocks from her home to crazy kids’ stuff like making stew on a grander scale, capturing a live goose and insisting her  parents bring it 600 miles home in a cage in the car. This is the story of homemade and homegrown people with fiercely independent spirits who fill the state of Montana with a powerful and creative can-do attitude that exists yet today. This is the story of a good life made exceptional by love.

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Please see Gwen’s new Facebook page, Montana’s Child, A Memoir of Life in Big Sky Country, for more pictures and stories about Montana.


We offer all book services. We can take your book idea or manuscript all the way to print, to Kindle e-book, or to both. Contact us now to publish your book!

If you don’t need publishing services but still need editing help, we can work with you on any level. Please see our services below and contact us for more information.

Kindle E-books—We can use any document or digital file that you have to format and upload your book to Amazon as a Kindle e-book. To see examples of our work, please click on the “Books We’ve Published” link above.

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Book Idea Development—Many people have an idea for a book, but they have absolutely no idea where to begin. That is where our team can help. Getting the basic idea/concept is probably the most important part of writing a book. We will help you develop a purpose for your book and will work with you to craft an outline that will bring your idea to life.

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Book Coaching—Perhaps you have an idea and a rough outline and have started to write your book, but you are stuck. You don’t know what to do next.  You feel so alone.  You don’t know where to turn for help and to get going again.  You have come to the right place. Our team has spent nearly 40 years helping writers tell their stories. We will encourage you, give suggestions, and coach you through the tough passages and transitions to bring your book to life.

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Ghost Writing—Maybe you have a story, but the idea of writing a book has no appeal to you. What you need is a ghost writer. Our writers have amazing skills at taking a pile of nothing but bits and pieces and crafting them into a book.  Of course, a large part of this process will be interviewing the author to pull the story out of her or her mind and onto paper. There are many wonderful stories just waiting to be told. Hire one of our ghost writers to help you tell yours.

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In-Depth Edits—If you have a rough draft of a book, but you know it needs some serious work—and most do—you need an editor who will edit the book in-depth. That means sentence structure, accuracy of information, spelling, grammar, and moving pieces around to get the story to flow better and avoid a “meanwhile back at the ranch” kind of writing that confuses the reader.  An in-depth edit is all about making your book the most reader-friendly it can be.

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Lighter Edits—are called copyedits. Every book needs a copyedit whether you are a professor of English at an Ivy League school or a first time author.  We all have blind spots in style, spelling, and grammar. An extra pair of eyes is the best thing to assure your book will not have glaring errors that cause the reader to question how much attention you have paid to your work. Copyeditors also fact check to make sure you have made no mistakes.

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Proofreading—Proofreading is a skill that not every editor has.  Great proofreaders are those nit-picky, detailed individuals who just seems to know how to find every little mistake. There is nothing worse than getting a book in print and finding a mistake the first time you open a page. Everyone needs a good proofreader to go over his or her book.

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Typesetting—Even if you are a great writer, editor, and proofreader, you will still need to have your book typeset.  We can help you with that function. Typesetting includes choosing an interior design for you book, formatting such things as page numbers, headers, footnotes and endnotes, charts, photos, etc. Let us help you with this technical part of producing a book.

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Cover Design—While we are not cover designers, we have connections with some superb designers and we will manage the cover design process for you.  Cover design will include the opportunity to choose from several mock-ups.

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Back Cover and Marketing Copy—We can write the information that goes on the back cover of your book. This information will be written to grab your reader’s attention. We can also write your author bio as well as sell copy. The cover, both front and back, is your key marketing tool and these days must be designed to show up well on Internet sites.  In addition you will probably want some well-written sell copy to put with the cover photo. Let us help you achieve the best cover and marketing copy possible to draw sales to your book.

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Critiquing—Maybe you have an idea, but you don’t know if it is worth the time you would have to spend to develop it into a book.  Or maybe you already have something written but aren’t sure you should go on. Our staff will carefully read through your manuscript offering suggestions for improving it and making it something you can be proud of.

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Indexing (creating and numbering)—This is a rare skill to find, but absolutely essential to those technical books where readers need access to a lot of information quickly.  An index is what you need.  We have the skills to create and number an index for your book.

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Scanning—Many people are into self-publishing these days. Some have books they have written earlier that they’d now like to see back in print. But what can be done?  Re-keyboarding the entire book seems like an overwhelming task. What you need is someone to scan your book and then check to see that what was scanned is correct. This is the first step to self-publishing an already published book or uploading any book  as a Kindle e-book.

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Rewrites—Sometimes an author has the idea or the kernel of an idea, but the manuscript hasn’t turned out as hoped.  Perhaps what you need is a rewrite. A rewrite would include the editor working with you to identify problem areas and to find a solution for presenting the material in the best possible way.

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Compiling—Gift books, memory books, compilations of poems, sermons, lectures. We can help you compile these, and help you find quotes, lyrics, poems, etc. to fill out the book. All team members have experience with developing gift books.

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Study Guides—Even the best study material is wasted if the format is not conducive to easy access by the reader. Our entire team has worked at writing and formatting study materials. We know how it should be done and we can help you with your curriculum.

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